Monday, February 15, 2010

List of 80 Pharmacy Professional Associations

State Associations

  1. Alaska Pharmacists Association
  2. Alabama Pharmacy Association                                                                              
  3. Arkansas Pharmacists Association                                                                          
  4. California Pharmacists Association    
  5. Colorado Pharmacists Society
  6. Connecticut Pharmacists Association
  7. Delaware Pharmacists Society
  8. Florida Pharmacy Association                                                                    
  9. Georgia Pharmacy Association       
  10. Hawaii Pharmacists Association                                                                        
  11. Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists                                                                     
  12. Illinois Pharmacists Association                                                                                
  13. Indiana Pharmacists Alliance
  14. Iowa Pharmacists Association
  15. Kansas Pharmacists Association      
  16. Kentucky Pharmacists Association
  17. Louisiana Pharmacists Association        
  18. Maine Pharmacy Association                                                                       
  19. Maine Society of Heath-System Pharmacists                                                              
  20. Maryland Pharmacists Association     
  21. Massachusetts Pharmacists Association
  22. Michigan Pharmacists Association                                                        
  23. Southeastern Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  24. Minnesota Pharmacists Association   
  25. Mississippi Pharmacists Association
  26. Missouri Pharmacists Association
  27. Montana Pharmacists Association
  28. Nebraska Pharmacists Association
  29. New Hampshire Pharmacists Association
  30. New Jersey Pharmacists Association    
  31. New Mexico Pharmacists Association                                                        
  32. New Mexico Society of Health-System Pharmacists                                                   
  33. New York State Council of Health-Systems Pharmacists                            
  34. Pharmacists Society of the State of NY                                                                  
  35. North Carolina Association of Pharmacists 
  36. North Dakota Pharmacists Association                                                            
  37. Ohio Pharmacists Association                                                                                      
  38. Ohio Society of Health-System Pharmacists                                                               
  39. Oklahoma Society of Health-System Pharmacists                                                    
  40. Oklahoma Pharmacists Association                                                                                 
  41. Oregon State Pharmacy Association                                                                        
  42. Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association        
  43. Rhode Island Pharmacists Association                                                           
  44. Rhode Island Society of Health-System Pharmacists                                                   
  45. South Carolina Pharmacy Association      
  46. South Dakota Pharmacists Association                                                           
  47. Southeastern Society of Health-System Pharmacists                                       
  48. Tennessee Pharmacists Association                                                                         
  49. Texas Pharmacy Association
  50. Utah Pharmaceutical Association   
  51. Vermont Pharmacists Association
  52. Virginia Pharmacists Association                                                                
  53. Washington State Pharmacy Association
  54. West Virginia Pharmacists Association
  55. Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin
  56. Wyoming Pharmacy Association

Specialty Organizations

  1. American Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
  2. American Association for Pharmaceutical Scientists                                                   
  3. Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy                                           
  4. American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy                            
  5. American Association of Pharmacy Technicians                                        
  6. American Pharmacists Association                                                           
  7. American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  8. American Society of Pharmacognosy                                                                              
  9. Board of Pharmaceutical Specialties                                                               
  10. Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy,                                                    
  11. Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists                                                                                                                  
  12. Institute for Safe Medication Practices                                                            
  13. International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists                                         
  14. International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)                                                     
  15. International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation                                      
  16. International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering                                   
  17. International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology                                               
  18. National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities                                       
  19. National Community Pharmacists Association                                                       
  20. National Council for Prescription Drug Programs                                              
  21. National Independent Pharmacy Coalition                                                          
  22. National Pharmacy Technician Association                                                       
  23. Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group                                                                    
  24. Pharmacy Technician Certification Board                                                               

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